If you’re thinking about the last time you installed new A/V, lighting, and controls in your hotel or restaurant, you might be getting a little nervous. You’re likely dreading calls to 10 different companies to negotiate 10 different quotes. And then having to pray that the companies you hired will communicate and work together to complete your project.

Choose to work with CommonSpace instead. We’ll do it all with one point of contact, one quote, and a totally integrated system in the end. You deserve to work with a team that is focused on restaurants and hotels. Not just a company that does commercial work.

Those companies won’t be able to set up your POS systems, integrate your automation systems, and configure your lighting. And they certainly won’t deliver easy-to-use, fully integrated systems that communicate to make your hotel or restaurant run better.



We chose the name CommonSpace for the types of clients and spaces we focus on. We primarily work with restaurants and hotels. The areas where we try to create memorable experiences have high foot traffic and usage, including bar areas, hotel lobbies, and conference rooms.



CommonSpace is based in Austin. But we serve all of Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. If you have a Texas address and you’re interested in upgrading your hotel or restaurant A/V, lighting, or controls, schedule a consultation.



Shane Flores, the owner of CommonSpace, has been doing AV for years. He started out focusing on high-end homes as well as new construction. In time, he grew his business to include restaurant and hotel projects. Shane hopes to offer additional services to hoteliers and restaurateurs in the future.



Our mission is to offer complete solutions for hotel and restaurant clients by providing custom systems that let them create the space of their dreams for their customers. We try our best to deliver high-quality work every time. We hope to grow by earning your repeat business and referrals.



Many hotels and restaurants have disjointed systems that they don’t know how to manage. Our top priority is proper education. From selecting your systems to training to implementation, we’ll make sure you are thoroughly educated on what your system is capable of delivering.



Restaurants often end up with complex systems that take more time to manage than they’re worth. We’ll help you come up with solutions that are easy to manage and perhaps even fully automated.

We mean it when we say we do it all and that we can design systems that will work together seamlessly. Our experience has allowed us to refine our proven process. We’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs.

Our experience and expertise allow us to handle communication with other companies serving your space, such as your HVAC and kitchen systems providers, so you don’t have to translate.



You deserve to work with a company that focuses on hotels and restaurants and understands your unique needs. Don’t end up working with multiple contractors when you can save time and stress by only working with us.

Let CommonSpace help you with your new hotel or restaurant A/V, lighting, and controls. Get a high-end, customized system that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Schedule a consultation to set your space apart.

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